Primary School

As soon as you walk through our doors you are reminded of a British Primary classroom.


The vibrancy does not only come from our colourful displays, but from the buzz the children generate whilst learning in their mother tongue language, tackling topics and themes rarely taught in Swiss schools and receiving a little slice of culture from “home”.


The British system differs from the Swiss system mainly with regards to the intensity and speed with which children learn to read and write.

Many parents’ first question is, "Can my child learn to read and write in more than one language?"  The answer is YES!  The Swiss system is notoriously slow for the first couple of years.  

This is a perfect window for a child to learn to read and write in their mother tongue language.  Often, this even helps the child to learn to read in French.

Our English objectives are taught through a topic based approach which spans many other curriculum areas.  

We believe this cross curricular approach makes learning dynamic, fun and memorable.

At DL, we aim for all our children to become fluent, confident readers who are passionate about reading.  Reading expands our knowledge, giving individuals the ability to be lifelong learners, to enrich our language and enter other exciting worlds.

DL uses Accelerated Reading along with myON, an online library, to give all our pupils access to reading books and reading quizzes.  

We have an extensive and well stocked library containing both classics, popular fiction, and recently published novels as well as non-fiction books.