About Us

learning through encouragement and positive feedback

We are Dynamic Learning
Located in Geneva

More than just your regular school

DynamicLearning is an oasis of British education in a francophone culture. Established in 2007, we have over 15 years of proven track record.  Dynamic Learning is an independent school offering a supplementary English education for anglophones who live in Geneva.  The majority of our pupils speak English at home but are educated in French, in the local Swiss system.

We take children in Preschool from 3 to 4 years of age. The Primary School accepts children, throughout the year, from 5 to 12 years of age (the year they finish 8P).   

Our fun, dynamic ways of teaching makes learning memorable and enjoyable. It rests on a solid core curriculum with key learning standards and principles set by the British Government which are measured throughout the years for reading and writing ages.  

Our goal is to meet, or exceed, our pupil’s ability in reading and writing. We are proud to achieve a level of reading and writing which are at the expected age or above reading age level.  Dynamic Learning is unique in Geneva because we are the only independent school to track our pupil’s progress annually.  

Using UK assessments, we test and analyse children’s ability in reading and spelling using Non-Verbal testing as a bench mark. Regular feedback is offered to parents through after-class face to face discussions, email contact, teacher meetings and parents’ evenings, as well as  annual reports, to ensure that parents are involved to the level they want to be. 

What we offer

Learning environment

We have a caring, secure and stimulating school environment.


As we follow the English Curriculum set by the English Government, it helps us remain consistent with regards to our objectives.

Student centered

The students are at the heart of our programme.

Uplifting ethos

Our children should feel included, respected, safe and secure and where their achievements and contributions are valued and celebrated.


Although we teach children for between one and two hours a week, their spelling and reading abilities are assessed annually and most children are on par with their UK peers.  

Parental involvement

We love for parents to be involved.  We are very happy to support you in any way we can to work with your child at home.  We rely on parents to work with their child at home for at least a few short sessions between lessons, particularly for KS1 students.


My children have loved attending Dynamic Learning for several years now. We are so lucky that they have received an excellent eduction in English taught with by wonderful teachers with real empathy for their students. It is amazing what they can accomplish in a short time every week.


Ruth and the team are fantastic teachers. They make learning fun and stimulating and we are amazed at how much they get through in only two hours a week. Thank you!


Dynamic Learning has been fantastic for my daughter over the last few years.  She has gone from strength to strength and exceeded our expectations in her reading and writing skills.  Her passion for reading is obvious.  Ruth has always gone the extra mile to help the students and what they achieve in two hours a week is impressive.  Thank you!