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Accelerated learning for 3 - 11 year olds

“I just want to say how much G. and I appreciate everything you have done for the girls. Before each school visit I sent their most recent school reports and also their final reports from you at Dynamic Learning (which always brought me to tears!). Every one, without exception, commented on their excellent English reports but not just for their results but also for the lovely comments you made about the girls. Last week at W., in order to assess which level of English K. should be in for GCSE , she was asked to write a creative piece. She was placed straight into level 1, which she was so thrilled about. Having spent 10 years in the Swiss system, with only a couple of hours of practical English a week at Dynamic Learning I think that is a huge achievement and it is all down to your wonderful, inspiring teaching. Both K. and L. loved their time with you and learned so much. I can’t thank you enough for helping to make the transition back into the English school system so easy. ”

Dynamic Learning offers a supplementary education in English, for Anglophone children living in Geneva. We accept children aged from 3-12 years of age.

Our unique learning method is built around the British curriculum to incorporate key stage learning goals, with a topic-based structure. The technique pays special attention to the learning environment, respects individual learning styles, and deploys all available modern teaching technologies, e.g. smart boards and Ipads.

Children thrive in this creative and stimulating environment, surprising themselves and their families as they discover just how much they can achieve in the right setting, with the right teaching.