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This homework page is the initial trial of the general homework to be published on the site.

The intention at Dynamic Learning is to provide all spelling lists and homework assignments on a half termly time basis.

If the trial goes well, and the homework assignments are referred to regularly, the homework pages will be up-dated for all Dynamic Learning classes.

Any comments about the pages will be gratefully received.


Name Date Size
file High_Frequency_Words_-_reception_with_border.pdf November 10, 2014 35 KB
file High_Frequency_Words_-_Y1_and_2_with_border.pdf July 22, 2017 198 KB
file Spelling_List_Yr_3_and_4.pdf July 22, 2017 465 KB
file Spelling_Lists_Year_5_and_6.pdf July 22, 2017 144 KB
file Ruth_-_Book_report.pdf March 08, 2016 94 KB
file LSCWC.pdf November 06, 2017 202 KB
file Ruth_-_Term_3_Mon_and_Wed.pdf May 10, 2019 536 KB
file Fay_Monday_2019_Spellings.pdf September 10, 2019 51 KB
file Fay_2019_Wednesday_9am_Spellings.pdf September 10, 2019 51 KB