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Jolly Phonics

Teaches the letter sounds in a fun, enjoyable multi-sensory way. The scheme uses visual, auditory and kinesthetic methods of teaching phonics. For example, the action for " n" is to put your arms out to be a "noisy aeroplane" saying "nnnnnnnn". This helps the children remember which sound is associated with which letter. It really leaves a lasting, deep impression on a child’s mind.

Oxford Reading Tree

This is the most popular reading programme in UK schools at the moment. It is a well established scheme that makes learning to read fun. Children love the characters of Biff, Chip, Kipper and their dog Floppy. Children easily relate to the characters experiences. Key words (high frequency words) are repeated throughout the books and are introduced at each stage to build up a bank of sight vocabulary.


Non-fiction, fiction books and CD's of popular stories free to lend.

Interactive Whiteboard

Dynamic pupil interface energises and motivates learners. Touch sensitive whiteboard with all the power of a computer


Internet access, Word, software and CD Roms

Educational DVD’s and videos

Related to themes. BBC programmes such as The Magic Key

Musical Instruments

Art Corner

Modelling, painting, clay, sewing, etc

Games, Puzzles and Puppets


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