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Here you will find past and present clients and pupil's comments about Dynamic Learning.

“I love DL It’s a really good place to learn and we do really interesting lessons. For me, there’s nothing better! ”

J.D (pupil).

“Dynamic Learning created an environment that allowed W. to enjoy learning through encouragement and positive feedback. At D.L. he flourished in contrast with his Swiss playschool where the environment was negative and unstimulating.”


“The atmosphere you managed to create in your school, your kindness and professionalism are elements that make your school a great one!”


“I just want to say how much G. and I appreciate everything you have done for the girls. Before each school visit I sent their most recent school reports and also their final reports from you at Dynamic Learning (which always brought me to tears!). Every one, without exception, commented on their excellent English reports but not just for their results but also for the lovely comments you made about the girls. Last week at W., in order to assess which level of English K. should be in for GCSE , she was asked to write a creative piece. She was placed straight into level 1, which she was so thrilled about. Having spent 10 years in the Swiss system, with only a couple of hours of practical English a week at Dynamic Learning I think that is a huge achievement and it is all down to your wonderful, inspiring teaching. Both K. and L. loved their time with you and learned so much. I can’t thank you enough for helping to make the transition back into the English school system so easy. ”


“Dynamic Learning challenged N. beyond the level of her “real” school, in a positive and very motivating way. She often asked if DL could be her school. Do let us know when you expand to a full-time primary school, we’ll be the first in line to sign up!”


“Dynamic Learning is the best English school in the world! I really am looking forward to doing the summer workshops! If only Findlay pumped up his ball to play at snack time it would be perfect!” ”

J.D. (pupil).

“What better way for a child to start her school experience than with you at DL. Thank you! Thank you for the care, attention, good times and all the new experiences you have offered to our very vey lucky daughter!”


“I initially chose the summer workshops as the timings best fitted my work schedule. I worried about telling the children they would have to go to “school” in the summer holidays. However, there was a palpable excitement each morning, wondering what was going to happen that day! I also couldn’t wait for the end of the day to hear the next instalment! They never usually tell me anything that happens at school but now the stories never end! Thank you for making the activities so much fun that the children don’t even realize they’re learning! Thanks too for the model island! Where will we put it? ☺”


“DL brings the kids closer to their Anglophone culture, supplementing what they learn in their French/Swiss system.”


“I only wish he could have had a year with you – there was absolutely no pleasure in taking him to his "old school" for me. I realized I hadn’t experienced the pleasure of taking a child to a pre-school they can’t wait to get to! It’s a wonderful set-up on a small scale informal and caring.”


“What you achieve with the children in two hours a week is remarkable! We are extremely impressed with the professionalism of the teaching and the support and encouragement given and the way you do all this and make it fun at the same time! ”


“My son was taught with an imaginative, disciplined and comprehensive style that will continue to reap rewards throughout his academic life. Dynamic Learning always saw a child’s individual needs, and interests, and carefully encouraged them within a warm and nurturing environment.”

Lorraine Hardy, mother of Josh.

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