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7-11 years


Curriculum areas such as history, science, geography and design technology will be used to broaden the children's writing. Topics studied include Egyptians, World War 2, The Water Cycle and Volcanoes.


By the end of the year, your child should be able to:

  • Use classroom reference books such as dictionaries and thesaurus to widen vocabulary
  • Use spelling logs and be encouraged to start to understand why their spellings are wrong
  • Explore antonyms and synonyms
  • Learn a poem by heart and perform it to others
  • Use language differently to address different audiences
  • Talk about subjects in a logical way and write stories that have a proper beginning, middle and end
  • Understand common punctuation marks, such as speech marks and commas
  • Offer personal critical thinking and opinions on texts that they have read


Fees for Wednesday two hour class per term.

Fees in brackets for one hour "after-school" class per term

Term Term Length Price
Autumn 15 weeks 1050CHF (675CHF)
Spring 13 weeks 910CHF (585CHF)
Summer 8 weeks 560CHF (360CHF)

“Dynamic Learning is the best English school in the world! I really am looking forward to doing the summer workshops! If only Findlay pumped up his ball to play at snack time it would be perfect!” ”

– J.D. (pupil).

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