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5-7 years


Your child works in a group initially covering a common spelling objective, topic or piece of literature, but during the lesson the teacher will provide them with differentiated materials based on their capability.  Your child will be seen individually for either reading or writing, regularly throughout the session.


By the end of Key Stage 1, your child will be expected to know how to:

  • Use their phonological knowledge of a - z, and digraphs qu, ch, sh, th, ng to break down common words
  • Use their phonological awareness in order to read and spell them
  • Read familiar common words (e.g said, go, they, only, going, don't, once, would)
  • Read and spell words ending in -ck, -ff, -ll, -ss (e.g lock, stuff)
  • Recognise spelling patterns with long vowel sounds: 'oo', 'ai', 'ie', 'oa', 'ee',  and use them to read and spell
  • Understand the terms vowel and consonant
  • Write independently using capitals and full-stops
  • Read simple familiar texts aloud with expression
  • Understand basic word order in a sentence
  • Add question marks to questions
  • Write simple stories and poems
  • Recognise the difference between non-fiction books and fiction; identify simple questions and use texts to find the answers


Fees for Wednesday two hour classes per term.

Fees contained in brackets for one hour "after-school" classes per term.

Term Term Length Price
Autumn 15 weeks 1050CHF (675CHF)
Spring 13 weeks 910CHF (585CHF)
Summer 8 weeks 560CHF (360CHF)

“What you achieve with the children in two hours a week is remarkable! We are extremely impressed with the professionalism of the teaching and the support and encouragement given and the way you do all this and make it fun at the same time! ”

– J.F..

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